new site “look and feel,” and, a difficult weekend

Check out the new and improved (with more changes coming)!

What do you think??   The site is just under two years old and needed a haircut.   Hope you like it (but want ALL your honest feedback).

What would you like to see, content-wise, in the coming year?

Thanks for all your support and comments and questions–and for not just getting yourself healthier, but encouraging others to do the same!

On a personal note, since this is my blog after all!!–this has been a difficult, reflective weekend as my children’s father and former husband for 20 years got remarried.   Last night instead of focusing on that, my friend Jon and I went to dinner and then he and I fixed all of my children’s broken bikes in the garage until late–oiling and patching and pumping and repairing.   It was the perfect thing, and also the kindest thing anyone has done for me since my divorce.   My children will be so excited when they come home today.   My girlfriend Kari and I saw 500 Days of Summer Friday night, which I highly recommend.

Being single in mid-life is a lonely and surreal place to be, but with the help of friends, I have taken some time this weekend to reflect on how incredibly blessed I am.   I always want you to get more than just information about nutrition on my site: I want you to feel love and nurturing here as you seek progress.   Thank you for being part of my journey.   I always feel I have friends here.

Much love,


can you drink too much? (GS that is)

Q:Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: can you drink too much green smoothie?What time of day should I drink it?

A:I never have had “too much,” even when I want to “cleanse” a bit and have not much else but green smoothies for a week or more.You can go too fast for comfort at first (and suffer a cleansing reaction when your organs of elimination get overwhelmed).

Google “green smoothie experiment” to read, if it’s still there, about a woman who started over 500 lbs. and had nothing else for 5 months but green smoothies–and lost over 100 lbs.!

You’ll get bored before you get malnourished.

Drink it whenever you want–doesn’t matter.For me that’s lunch or late afternoon snack, often both.I frankly don’t WANT a green smoothie for breakfast or dinner.But lots of people are different, and I hear of people doing it for breakfast more often than anything else.

School Snacks

From Email:


With school starting soon I am feeling lost on what I can buy for treats to take and share with my children’s school  classes.  Our state requires that all treats brought to school are store bought.   I just can’t seem to find anything I want my kids to eat that is store bought and reasonably priced to share with 30 other children.  One of my kids also has a child with severe peanut Allergies, complicating things even more.  The youngest is still in Preschool, and part of the contract is that we all take turns bringing in the treats.  Does any one have any suggestions or ideas?

Thanks so much!

more edibles, and the book tour

Did you know the leaves of your squash, cucumber, and cabbage plants are edible?   (You probably already knew the leaves of grape, radish, beet, turnip, strawberry, and carrot are edible.)   Toss them in the blender with fruit.   I’m going to do a little video shortly (be a YouTube GreenSmoothieGirl subscriber) showing and telling about 6-8 edible weeds in a field near my house where I run.

We’ve had lots of interest in my coming to your city with my book tour for The Green Smoothies Diet.   My assistant Jenni will give you a press release on the book, a script for talking to the health food store (or book store) near your house, and a sheet for them to fill out and fax to us.

Please write her at to get those things if you want to line up a couple of venues so I can teach a free green smoothie class/demo (with book signing) near you!   This will be fun!


Raw Foods and “Funny” Stomachs

Dear Robin,

I have a few health related questions I wanted to ask you regarding starting a raw food diet. I consider myself a beginner raw fooder, I have  taught myself how to drink green smoothies, learned how to eat cabbage and other greens.

Here is my question. I have a history of having a sensitive stomach. I’ve had 6 pregnancies where I’ve thrown up (sorry) for months on end. It’s been horrible. I’ve also had a lifetime of debilitating carsickness. I’m in my 40’s now, and I think I am just prone to having my head/stomach upset easily. As far as the raw food issue, there are times when I just feel down and out nauseous, at those times, how do I incorporate a raw diet ? For me, soothing stomach foods can be high fat/high sugar/high carb – easy processed from a box things. I cant think of a single raw recipe that I’ve had that would help me during these icky times. And my second question. What about the stomach flu? My diet this year has been better than ever (much better than the average American, though not raw) yet we just had a 10 day intestinal bug go through our family, and there was no way during that time that I could stomach ANYTHING that needed major digestive juices! I have searched the web for answers to these question, but have come up empty so far. I’m sorry to take up your time here, I know you are a busy mom. Please take your time in responding if you feel you can! Thank you, Robin

Birthday parties with whole foods!

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: What do you do for birthdays?

Birthday 1

So it’s my kids’ birthdays (yes, all of them–within three weeks of each other–go ahead and make your jokes about me and November).   And last night I had a family party.   Dinner was taco salad without the taco meat (though my mom brought BBQ chicken for those who wanted it).   I provided sprouted-wheat tortillas as shells, and I cooked brown lime rice, and black beans cooked in veg broth and salsa, plus all the fixings (lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, shredded cheese if you want it) and homemade dressings and guacamole and salsa.   And a big fruit platter.   It was easy.

You can see here I made a chocolate beet cake (see Ch. 11 of 12 Steps), containing pureed beets, no refined sweeteners, no white flour, and only high-nutrition coconut oil.   I also made a regular cake-mix with tub-o-frosting cake.   Check out my two oldest kids (and my niece, Macie) in the photo above, blowing out candles on both cakes.   Everyone had both options, and I told them exactly what each cake was.

Now check out what happened.   The cake that not a single person chose was . . . drum roll please . . . the cake mix.   Everybody loved the beet cake and some wanted seconds:

Birthday 2

See, what happens when you become the nutrition guru, the health food nut, the earthy crunchy, is that people learn that WHAT YOU MAKE TASTES GOOD.   They expect yummy food of you that doesn’t make them feel regretful.   They make the healthy choice at your house because they trust you.   I influenced my family in no way last night, didn’t say “This beet cake is really good,” or anything like that.   I just said, “This one is a cake mix, and this one is beet cake; which one would you like?”   It’s not that you’ll NEVER make anything that doesn’t taste good.   (Read the dedication in my new book for evidence of that!   No one is perfect.)   But you’ll learn a repertoire of things people really like.   And the people you love will appreciate that.

And then here’s what you’ll do with the junk.   This is where the entire cake-mix cake ended up, an ignoble end, but a fitting one.   Nobody ate propylene glycol and partially hydrogenated fat and refined sugar and vegetable oil and a dozen chemicals and preservatives I can’t pronounce.   (I’m so proud of my family.)

Birthday 3