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Fruit and Vegetable Wash

Which brands do you folks use?? I’m a little concerned about spraying “chemicals” on my food during the cleaning process…… Thanks!

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Happy Meals: how happy ARE they?

Both my daughters are playing AAA (state-level) soccer this year, and I’ve driven 45 minutes north of home 4 times in the past 24 hours, for a tournament they’re both playing in.   Today as we watched a game, a team mom I’ve been friends with for many years walked up and started unloading a […]

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Just purchased the 12 Step program b ut I can’t afford the BlendTech and the recipe says you can’t use the $20 blenders.   Does anyone have suggestions for what to use?   Thanks for any help.  

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How to gain weight??

HI Robyn- My 27 year old daughter wants to GAIN weight. She is 5’4″ and 98 pounds. She eats, and is always hungry, but can’t gain. She does have frequent stomach aches. She thinks if she eats lots of fat- that will help- but will it? Thanks

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Two Questions

Hi Robyn and others, I have two questions . . . well I have a whole lot of questions but I will narrow it down to two for now! 1.   What are your recommendations for antiperspirant or deodorant?   I am a nursing mother so I want to be extra careful of what I […]

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Birthday 1

another cute green smoothie mustache photo

Yesterday I was driving down State Street near where I live in Orem, Utah, eating my lunch, and I was flagged down by the car next to me.   Passenger side dude waving, honking, and yelling.   I rolled down my window, and the guy yelled, “Hey, GreenSmoothieGirl!   Remember me?   I was in […]

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new site “look and feel,” and, a difficult weekend

Check out the new and improved (with more changes coming)! What do you think??   The site is just under two years old and needed a haircut.   Hope you like it (but want ALL your honest feedback). What would you like to see, content-wise, in the coming year? Thanks for all your support […]

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Almonds instead of cashews in Hot Pink Breakfast Smoothie?

I can’t remember where I saw it, but I recall reading that almonds were a more perfect nut than cashews for a number of reasons, so my question is:   why are there cashews in the Hot Pink Breakfast Smoothie?   should we replace them with almonds??

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Do we need to take enzymes when eating a completely raw meal?

I’m a little confused on this point.   If the meal is completely raw, is it correct that all the enzymes we need to digest are in the food itself, and we don’t need to take anything else?

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Juice Concentrate

Is juice concentrate o.k. to be adding to smoothies for flavor?

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