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Where to find “The Green Smoothies Diet” in Canada

Q: Dear GreenSmoothieGirl:   I am from Canada and would like to purchase “The Green Smoothies Diet.”   Do you know where I can purchase a copy of your book? A: We were told by one of our readers that you can find the book at the Chapters/Indigo bookstores. So, if you haven’t gotten a […]

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Can I get “The Green Smoothies Diet” as an e-book?

Q: Dear GreenSmoothieGirl:   Can I get “The Green Smoothies Diet” as an e-book? A: Yes, you can.   You can purchase the book in PDF format here. –Jenni (GSG admin)

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Q&A about the raw almonds

My assistant Jenni has compiled the questions coming in after my email PRE-announcing the raw almond buy.  Here are my answers: When can I order? We won’t have almonds coming out of the trees until Oct. 15, and we’ll send out an email letting you begin placing orders Sept. 15.  This year I will give […]

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Who lives near me?

I am kind of interested in knowing if any of the people that frequent this site are in my area. It would be nice to meet someone local to see about doing things jointly with… such as an almond purchase. Is anyone intersted in listing name, city/state and maybe email for orders not local to […]

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Best water without buying an ionizer

I get it that alkaline water is the best, but the price tag of the Life Ionizer is out of my comfort zone.   What’s the next best thing?   What are the alternatives, if we can’t afford an ionizer?   Thanks.

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Dining out in Texas

While Robyn had reported, and I whole heartedly agree, that San Antonio, TX is one of the worst places in the country to eat out healthy… I have found a new place in Houston, and a few other places in the country, that might peak your interests. It is called PIZZA FUSION. All organic, vegan, […]

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New Picture

The new pic of you is really nice.   So is the   new look of the website.

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I purchased the salad cookbook over the weekend and tried the first recipe for lunch today – Tomato, Avocado, Almond salad.   It was soooooooo good!   I almost ate the entire thing by myself.   Could you tell me how many servings that salad is meant to be? Thanks again! Bekki

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One question

Hi, I am new to the site and new to green smoothies and of course have one big question. So here it is: I have been doing green smoothies for 2 weeks but I am sure if I am using the right combination of ingredients : 3.5 onces of spinach or/and kale 2 handfuls of […]

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Heath and Madi

Photos of more gorgeous, healthy kids drinking better nutrition

Here are some photos of more gorgeous, healthy kids drinking better nutrition than 99% of kids in America get.   Greens have the most bioavailable calcium you can get–far better than cow milk (contrary to popular belief), unless you’re a baby cow, of course. This is what their mother says: Dear GreenSmoothieGirl, Thought you would […]

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