Thoughts after BYU’s Education Week, and Hot Pink Breakfast Smoothie, Part 1 of 5

I was at Brigham Young University ‘s Education Week most of this week, with my gorgeous sister and two favorite cousins.   (That’s saying a lot about how cool Rochelle and Quinn are, since I have 48 first cousins and they all rock out loud.) I got to see a few GSG readers here from out of town I’d arranged to meet, or who saw me in classes.   (Lala whipped out her empty green smoothie container from her backpack, and I learned that her dad is one of the authors of Crucial Conversation, one of my all-time favorite books! I was there to attend his lecture. Fun!)

Robyn, her sister, and her cousins at BYU Education WeekHere’s a photo of us at our last class, my sis next to me and cousins on the outside.   The incredible class we’re sitting in was taught by Kathy Headlee Miner, the founder of Mothers Without Borders, who I am meeting with tomorrow.   GSG readers will be hearing more later about how we are gonna get good nutrition to orphaned children together in third-world countries!

I have lots of comments about things I learned, so this will be a multi-part series.   Education Week has literally hundreds of classes all over the huge campus, about everything from single parenting, to Isaiah in the Bible, to gardening (to give you an idea of some of the things I learned about).

I got Quinn and Roch (12 Steppers) addicted to Hot Pink Breakfast Smoothie, since they stayed at my house.   Roch told the others that she dreamed about it at night.   Just sixty seconds ago, she wrote me an email about how she made it for her family and they were mocking her because it was disgusting.   Then she said, “I forgot the strawberries!”   She would like me to write you a “testimonial” that says this: “Don’t forget the strawberries.”

If you’ve tried it and don’t like it, you made it wrong.   LOL!   If you can’t find fresh young Thai coconuts (by the case in Asian markets), never fear.   You can buy coconut water/liquid (not milk, high in fat) in cans.   I get them $1.19 by the case, and one can has about 2.5 cups in it, so it’s no more expensive than fresh.   It doesn’t have live enzymes because it’s not raw when it’s canned, but it’ll do in a pinch and has many other health benefits fairly intact.

The recipe is in Ch. 10 of 12 Steps to Whole Foods.   Even though it’s really yummy and virtually all raw, it has beets and carrots in it. Anyone, please tell me a breakfast containing those ingredients that you’ll enjoy as much.

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll tell you a couple of REALLY interesting things I learned before I go off about modern dietetics based on a nutrition class I attended.   Watch out: I’m fired up and both barrels are loaded.

a Time Magazine article you should read,8599,1917458,00.html

Please read this article about the high price of the cheap food we eat.

I am extremely unhappy with our president’s health care reform plan.   (My health care reform would include disincentives for prescription drug use and incentives for healthy living “preventive” measures.)   But I’m a big fan of Michelle Obama’s organic garden producing 225 lbs. of produce this summer, and all the media attention it has gotten.

My garden is  outta control.     This year I planted a 6’x’4′ square foot box entirely full of amaranth.   Then I forgot what  I’d planted  until I saw it somewhere else last week.   I’ve been putting it in smoothies and freezing it, too, but 80% of it is going to go to compost–I just can’t keep up.   I have eggplants nearly ripe–the first time I’ve planted that, and also turnips and purple cabbage and grape tomatoes and several other things.   It’s fun to try new stuff in the garden.   Eggplant parmigiana later this week.   (No, I don’t know how to make it.   I’m going to figure it out.)

Where to find “The Green Smoothies Diet” in Canada

Q: Dear GreenSmoothieGirl:   I am from Canada and would like to purchase “The Green Smoothies Diet.”   Do you know where I can purchase a copy of your book?

A: We were told by one of our readers that you can find the book at the Chapters/Indigo bookstores. So, if you haven’t gotten a copy of the book yet, check with these bookstores and see if you can snag a copy!

–Jenni (GSG admin)

Photos of more gorgeous, healthy kids drinking better nutrition

Here are some photos of more gorgeous, healthy kids drinking better nutrition than 99% of kids in America get.   Greens have the most bioavailable calcium you can get–far better than cow milk (contrary to popular belief), unless you’re a baby cow, of course.

Heath and Madi

This is what their mother says:

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl,

Thought you would enjoy these pictures of my green smoothie kids.   Madison is 9 yrs old and Heath is 7.   We’ve been doing green smoothies for about a year and a half and everyone loves them.   I’ve taught the kids that strong muscles and bones come from the vitamins and minerals in fresh fruits & veggies, especially leafy greens.   They like to show me how much their muscles have grown after drinking a smoothie :).

In April this year, Madi fell off her bike and broke both bones in her left wrist.   I made sure she got her smoothies every day along with lots of salads with supper to make sure she got the proper nutrition so her bones could heal well.   Her final doctor appointment was six weeks after the cast came off and they did an x-ray to see how the bones had healed.   When I first saw the x-ray, I was astounded!   I wondered if they had x-rayed the right child!   I had seen the x-rays they took when the bones were broken and the difference between the first ones and the last ones were like night and day.   Sure, the broken bones healed, but the doctor told us that extra bone had actually grown around the fractures.   He said if she fell again in the same way that they wouldn’t break like that again.

Thanks, Robyn, for sharing your knowledge.   It truly is priceless!   And, as my kids would say, “Green Smoothies Rock!”

Jenny in Nebraska

Happy Meals: how happy ARE they?

Both my daughters are playing AAA (state-level) soccer this year, and I’ve driven 45 minutes north of home 4 times in the past 24 hours, for a tournament they’re both playing in.   Today as we watched a game, a team mom I’ve been friends with for many years walked up and started unloading a Wendy’s bag.

I laughed in delight seeing these tiny little cups of milkshakes, about as tall as an adult finger.   All her children and nieces she’d brought with her started to eat the tiny milkshakes.   Not   yet realizing my huge faux pas, I said, “How cute! I didn’t know they made milkshakes so tiny!”

The mothers probably thought they were being subtle.   They looked at each other, kinda smirking.   They were probably hoping I didn’t notice the unmistakable message in the glance they shot at each other.   The glance said: “IS SHE FOR REAL?!”

(Reminds me of when, years ago, I went to Super Saturday, a crafting event put on by my church.   I’d never been before, since I don’t “do” crafts.   I was walking around chatting, and I saw this basket of waxy-looking cylindrical-shaped things and said, “Weird! What are those clear crayons for?!”   I saw that SAME LOOK on the women’s faces, and one of them said, slowly, as if speaking to a very young child, “Robyn, those are GLUE STICKS.”   Right.   For the glue gun.   Something every person with an X chromosome knows.   Except me.)

Back to the story of the very tiny milkshakes. Melissa said (other mothers listening, highly entertained), “Uh, Robyn, these come with kids’ meals.”

I realized that I’d accidentally exposed my family’s ugly little secret: my kids have never eaten a fast-food kids’ meal.   Ever.   No Happy Meal.

Can you be a happy kid, without a Happy Meal?

This is my question for you today.   It’s deep, I know.

I didn’t even realize that my kids were kinda-sorta un-American until I heard the explosive reaction from my 15-year old son’s friends last year as he told them, “I’ve never eaten at McDonald’s.”   They refused to believe him.   I’ve written before on this blog that I’m highly offended at that allegation, since I’ve taken my kids to McDonald’s plenty of times!   (They have the cleanest bathrooms, when you’re on a road trip.)

I’m not saying this to brag or be elitist or separatist.   I’m just saying that if you NEVER GO to a fast-food restaurant to buy a lot of sugar and trans fats and other garbage to spike the kids’ blood sugar and insulin and clog their arteries . . . well, then you never get addicted to that convenience.   It can be done.   Honestly, I’ve just never THOUGHT to buy a Happy Meal.

It’s not that I’ve never failed to plan and been out and had to pinch hit.   It’s just that there really are better options.   Subway, with a veggie sandwich on wheat, for instance (get them to really load it up with extra bell peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers).   I’m sure you have other ideas for when you’re out and about, or you could come up with them if you quit considering “Happy Meals” as an option.

I think my next book is going to be 101 Ideas for Eating Healthy While Traveling.   (I know, it’s not grammatically perfect–Healthy is an adjective and I need an adverb, but Healthily is so awkward. Help me with a better title.)

Anyway, please share with mothers of babies that if you never go the first time, you won’t get addicted to drive-thru convenience.

another cute green smoothie mustache photo

Yesterday I was driving down State Street near where I live in Orem, Utah, eating my lunch, and I was flagged down by the car next to me.   Passenger side dude waving, honking, and yelling.   I rolled down my window, and the guy yelled, “Hey, GreenSmoothieGirl!   Remember me?   I was in the class you did for triathletes last month!   I got a BlendTec on your site, and I bought your book, and so did my boss [pointing at the guy driving the car].”

I was a little startled and may not have thanked him adequately for support of my site.   (My mouth was full of food. Plus, you know, the DRIVING.)

Fortunately, I got another chance to correspond with him better, because I got home and got this email from him:

“I just passed you and lost a major bet! I bet the guy next to me that you would be drinking a green smoothie! When I got next to your car the look on my face was only because I lost money! To my disgust I find you (after leaving GOOD EARTH and talking about you) driving around eating whole foods! YIPES! Were you having a shake and fries and I couldn’t see them below? Just kidding.”

For the record (due to the apparent fascination with what I eat), I had just left Good Earth, myself, and was eating a vegetarian quesadilla I got there (black beans, corn, jicama) in a whole-wheat tortilla, with a side of fruit. YUM.

With his email, he sent this cute photo of his kids with their green smoothie mustaches!

Birthday 1