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Question: Can I eat just green smoothies?

This is a serious question. I’ve been drinking green and pink smoothies for about a month, and I’m elated.   I love them.   I try to make them as healthy as possible (trying not to overdo the fruits) and put all kinds of additional things in them besides my staples of massive quantities of collards, spinach, swiss chard and 2 different kinds of kale, all organic.   I add goji berries, almonds, dulce flakes, flax oil, raw wheat germ, a piece of lemon with the rind, hemp protein powder, sprouts, some maca powder, some aloe, some spirolina — I just go nuts.   I feel like a mad chemist sometimes.   I crave these and I would be happy drinking a green smoothie, slowly, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.   I am very overweight and feel like this is the first thing I’ve put in my body in, oh, forever, that feels right because it’s so freaking healthy. I haven’t lost much weight yet, just 3-5 pounds, but think that if I continue this, the weight will eventually start coming off. I’m a terrible cook and I don’t trust myself in the kitchen.   I manage to mangle everything, even when adhering closely to the recipe.   It’s just too frustrating and time consuming, whereas the smoothies take just 5-10 minutes. Can I survive on nothing but green smoothies for a while?   What if I DON’T get bored with them?   If I want to eat this way for a while, a couple months or more, is there any harm in that?   I’m taking enzymes and a probiotic daily as well, and some extra virgin coconut oil in capsules. I also drink a glass of sole every morning when I wake up.


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