a Time Magazine article you should read


Please read this article about the high price of the cheap food we eat.

I am extremely unhappy with our president’s health care reform plan.   (My health care reform would include disincentives for prescription drug use and incentives for healthy living “preventive” measures.)   But I’m a big fan of Michelle Obama’s organic garden producing 225 lbs. of produce this summer, and all the media attention it has gotten.

My garden is  outta control.     This year I planted a 6’x’4′ square foot box entirely full of amaranth.   Then I forgot what  I’d planted  until I saw it somewhere else last week.   I’ve been putting it in smoothies and freezing it, too, but 80% of it is going to go to compost–I just can’t keep up.   I have eggplants nearly ripe–the first time I’ve planted that, and also turnips and purple cabbage and grape tomatoes and several other things.   It’s fun to try new stuff in the garden.   Eggplant parmigiana later this week.   (No, I don’t know how to make it.   I’m going to figure it out.)