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Dining out in Texas

While Robyn had reported, and I whole heartedly agree, that San Antonio, TX is one of the worst places in the country to eat out healthy… I have found a new place in Houston, and a few other places in the country, that might peak your interests. It is called PIZZA FUSION. All organic, vegan, gluten free and lactose free pizza, wrap, salad and sandwich  creations of all kinds. As a celiac vegan I am totally impressed and thought some of these health minded people from this site might be interested. They are only in a few areas but if more were to open it would be a very  good thing! We only have a limited number of these type of places around town even as HUGE as Houston is. Maybe if those of you who live in the upper NW area could find someone to open a franchise it would do well in your area. I hope someone else lives near one of them!

Bon Apetit

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