new site “look and feel,” and, a difficult weekend

Check out the new and improved (with more changes coming)!

What do you think??   The site is just under two years old and needed a haircut.   Hope you like it (but want ALL your honest feedback).

What would you like to see, content-wise, in the coming year?

Thanks for all your support and comments and questions–and for not just getting yourself healthier, but encouraging others to do the same!

On a personal note, since this is my blog after all!!–this has been a difficult, reflective weekend as my children’s father and former husband for 20 years got remarried.   Last night instead of focusing on that, my friend Jon and I went to dinner and then he and I fixed all of my children’s broken bikes in the garage until late–oiling and patching and pumping and repairing.   It was the perfect thing, and also the kindest thing anyone has done for me since my divorce.   My children will be so excited when they come home today.   My girlfriend Kari and I saw 500 Days of Summer Friday night, which I highly recommend.

Being single in mid-life is a lonely and surreal place to be, but with the help of friends, I have taken some time this weekend to reflect on how incredibly blessed I am.   I always want you to get more than just information about nutrition on my site: I want you to feel love and nurturing here as you seek progress.   Thank you for being part of my journey.   I always feel I have friends here.

Much love,