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The Green Smoothies Diet Book vs. 12 Step Subscription vs. Biggest Green Smoothie Recipe Collection

Hi Robyn,

I’ve been lurking on the site for the past 2 months while I’ve been saving money for a Blendtec.   I’m about ready to purchase one, but now I’m confused as to what literature I should purchase along with it.   Would you explain the differences between  your 12 step Subscription, the Biggest Green Smoothie Recipe Collection, and your new book The Green Smoothie Diet?   Is everything in the 12 Step Subscription included in the Green Smoothie Diet Book?   I don’t mind purchasing all three if they all contain different information, but I’d like to avoid duplication if possible.   Also, I noticed that I can get the 12 Step Subscription free if I buy a Blendtec through your site.   Will you offer any discounts on your book (when it’s released) with the purchase of a blender?

TIA.   I have learned a lot from this site and am excited to start the Green Smoothies.

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