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a few links for you

I’m doing a 12 Steps to Whole Foods class in Lehi, Utah, on July 17.   Here’s a new link to sign up:

Check out Dr. Denise Punger’s blog.   She’s a 12 Stepper,  and I endorse her recipes and courageous advice to her patients to eat right, as well as her book Permission to Mother, all you young moms:

Finally, check this out if you’re in Colorado, Michigan, or the East Coast–you can sign up for organic food delivered to your porch.   I love the growing movement to eat local, organic food.   The more we do this, the less we are culturally dependent on foods shipped across the world that deepen our carbon footprint (and give us inferior nutrition).   Please pull over to the fruit stand and support the local growers rather than buy the grocery-store stuff:

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