Green smoothies: they’re just a first step!

This is for you, whether you’re

*a newbie to GSG trying to kick the SAD (standard American diet) or

*you’ve been here plugging along since the start almost two years ago, or

*you’re a lifelong die-hard earthy-crunchy who already knew everything I teach since before I was born


If all you ever did was green smoothies, I could die happy.   If you’re drinking a quart a day, you’re doing better, nutritionally speaking, than 99 percent of Americans.   (If I’m honest, I’d have to guess you’d probably be doing better than 97 percent with just a pint!   Just don’t take that as a free pass for slacking!)


But in my reading of copious emails (I get about 200 a day, and I’m so very sorry that I can’t always respond to all of them, though I do try), I learn this interesting fact.


Once you start with Step 1, you don’t want to stop.   Many people, anyway.   You tune in, especially if you’re DOCUMENTING YOUR HEALTH as a real, live experiment, to what your body is telling you.   You realize that you have more energy, you’re thinner, you have better skin and nails and hair, you crave empty calories less than before, maybe you even have more sexual energy.


So you want to move on to Step 2.


I just want to ask how many of you are STUCK ON STEP 1.  


No shame in that.   I’m not here to guilt trip anybody and never will be.


But I just want to give you the gentlest nudge in the booty, if you just answered yes, to get started on Step 2.


See, I’m ambitious.   Born that way.   Even if I’m thrilled with your fabulous green smoothie experiment, I want to see you replacing low-quality foods with high-quality ones.  


So, are you ready to move on?   If you’ve been on Step 1 for more than a month, what’s holding you up?   Dig deep now, to answer that question.


Is it lack of time?   Content with the progress you’ve already made?   Afraid you’ll be required to give up addictions and that’s scary?   What else?