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locals alert . . . amazing prices on strawberries, cherries, more at Ream’s

Back to the weightier issue tomorrow . . .

I taught a GreenSmoothieGirl class up gorgeous Hobble Creek Canyon today at a women’s conference, which was great fun.   On my way down the canyon, I stopped at Ream’s in Springville because of these amazing prices, through Tuesday–worth a bit of a drive, I think, locals!   I had just used up the baggies of washed strawberries I had frozen from the spring (12 frozen in a baggie  gets you  one Hot Pink Smoothie).   It’s so unusual to find strawberries this time of year for a rock-bottom price like this, and they’re nice ones.   This cherry price is  unheard of, and they’re grown in the U.S. (foreign-grown produce scares me, since they have few pesticide controls)

Cherries $0.89/lb.

Flats of strawberries $6

Flats of raspberries $10

Celery $0.39/lb.

Red bell peppers 3/$1

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