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I have some items left in the group buy

Hi LOCALS (sorry if you’re not)–

I made a mistake and placed our group order with three people unpaid.   They  still haven’t  picked up  or paid, so I have some items here (being stored in air conditioning) for you, while supplies last.   You don’t need to order $200 minimum–just let me know what you’d like within these quantities, FIRST COME FIRST SERVED, and tell me the total, in email to (add $0.0625 sales tax).   Tell me what day you’d like to pick up, and I’ll give you address and details in my response email.

VitaMineral Green cases (6 bottles for $250, each is a 60-day supply for one person, using 1 tsp. three times daily)


Colloidal silver ($25 for half gallon, excellent to keep on hand to fight viruses and bacterial infections, use internally or topically)


15 gal. coconut oil ($45 each gallon, extra virgin and organic)


7  gal. molasses (unsulphured, $10/gal.)


Bags (5 lb.):


1  raw sunflower seeds ($9.50)

5 raw wheat germ ($6.00)

1 flaxseed ($6.00)

1  shredded coconut ($10)

7 alfalfa/clover seed mix ($15)


Cans (#10, varying weights):


2 raw pumpkin seeds ($10.40, 2.75 lbs.)

1 shredded coconut ($7.35, 2.5 lbs.)

2  walnuts ($12.90, 3.5 lbs.)

3 sunflower seeds ($10.25, 4 lbs.)

1 flaxseed ($6.10, 4.5 lbs.)