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Get Some Free Whole Grain Sourdough Starter!

If you’re doing 12 Steps to Whole Foods, and you’ve done Chapter 9 on whole grains, I have in the past recommended my friend Gwen’s for sourdough start.   I have had mixed reviews about the customer service, though.

My friend Jim Simmons, author of Original Fast Foods (see book reviews on the site), offers a sourdough start and even send it to you FREE with a stamped, self-addressed envelope!   I got some dehydrated starter from him and made a nice fresh starter now in my fridge.   Yesterday I made four-grain focaccia bread from the starter that my family gobbled up as a main dish for dinner with salad, plus two loaves of regular bread.   Spray it with olive oil and lots of herbs and garlic, YUMMY and without any commercial yeast–just naturally leavened.   (Instructions for focaccia and other options are in Ch. 9.)   Yeast-free bread is important because commercial yeasts are bred to grow quickly.   The problem is, they don’t always die in the gut, so  they interact with sugars to breed fungus, mold, yeast overgrowth, bacteria, and all kinds of mycotoxins (byproducts of those populations) that cause a host of health problems.

We do this often, have a sourdough focaccia dipped in olive oil/balsamic, with a salad, for a VERY inexpensive dinner everyone likes.   I time the bread to come out at dinner time so the bread is warm.   Grains are so inexpensive when bought in bulk.   I used wheat, spelt, rye, and oat groats  yesterday.   Don’t use more than 20% spelt, as it is low in gluten.

Here’s the address to get your sourdough starter–please consider enclosing a few dollars to support Jim and this very kind public service, and don’t forget your self-addressed, stamped envelope.   Tell him hi from

Original Fast Foods

1221 N 1270 E

American Fork, Utah 84003

If you’re not enjoying easy, homemade sourdough bread, it’s okay to skip to Ch. 9 and try it!   And here’s a tip: when you have your fresh starter made up, freeze a cup of it in case you neglect your starter in the fridge so long and want to start over later.   Your starter from Jim will come with detailed instructions (and you have instructions in Ch. 9 as well for feeding a starter, making sweet bread, pretzels, and more).

Have fun!

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