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simple . affordable . delicious looking for a personal assistant, and a bookkeeper

If you know someone in Utah County who could help me, needs a personal assistant, so please have anyone (I’m thinking stay-home mom) email me who could work from home a couple hours a day for about $10/hr., and occasionally help me with videos or doing demos/classes.

I’d like someone web savvy who can help with fulfillment and  customer service, with good communication/writing skills, not afraid to learn new softwares, preferably familiar with social sites, and who GETS THINGS DONE.   If she is into nutrition and knows my site/program/philosophy, well, that would be Nirvana.

I’m also looking to hire a bookkeeper on an hourly basis who knows QuickBooks and has some experience.

Please point anyone you know who is qualified to this blog entry.   Any applicants can write me at, with a resume and a few paragraphs about availability and qualifications.   Thanks!