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Weedy Smoothie

When you’re weeding in your yard or garden, are you keeping the edible ones and tossing them in your smoothie?

My GS today is made 100% from volunteer greens: volunteer chard and spinach, greens regrown on beets I overwintered from last year, and . .  . MORNING GLORY and DANDELION.

If you don’t know what purslane looks like, google it.   It’s my favorite weed to use.   Morning glory, I won’t lie, tastes . . . well, WEEDY.   Dandelion is best before it flowers with those familiar yellowheads–about that point, the greens get bitter.   I use them all, anyway, but just keep amounts small.

Don’t use weeds in fields that are sprayed or next to roadways!

I’m going to give Craig a pint of Weed Smoothie tonight and see how openminded he is.   He’s buried at work, but maybe I can get him to register on this blog and comment, later . . .

p.s. Update on the chemotherapy story from a few days ago: Daniel’s mother is going to be arrested, just like Parker Jensen’s father was.   (He took his family, including Parker,  to a pre-planned family reunion in Idaho, and the State of Utah called it kidnapping and sent HELICOPTERS to the family’s ranch there, and actually put him in an orange jumpsuit in the jail in Idaho.)   What a blessing that Parker never got nuked half to death and is a healthy teenager now.   No other family I have worked with in advocating for families-against-the-state-in-cancer-treatment-cases has been so fortunate.

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