hardcore smoothies

Do you make hardcore smoothies?

I’m talking about making them for health benefits rather than taste.   You really can’t do this if one of the GS drinkers from your blender will be a new convert or a child.   Or if you’re squeamish about textures and tastes.

I love Xtreme people.   People who do things all-out because they’re passionate and disciplined.   Of course, I love  squishier people too (good thing, since I have  three  kids who beg for more fruit–and some raw chocolate and agave–in their smoothies).

We have altogether too much sugar in our diets here in the Western world.   I’m always looking for ways to reduce it.   So when I don’t have my kids because they’re at their dad’s . . . okay okay, sometimes I make green smoothies for them anyway and go sit in his driveway with  the pint jars  and call the kids to come outside and get them–I know, I’m CRAZY! . . . anyway, those weekends, I sometimes make Xtreme smoothies.

Lately I have been making GS for Craig.   But since he’s a lobster being boiled to death slowly (make the GS taste really good, then put more and more greens in over time until it’s hardcore) . . . I make my own blenderful, pour out two quarts for me, and then add more fruit to Craig’s.   So far, so good.   He is drinking them and still praising them rather than complaining.

Remember, while fruit is good for you, the REAL POINT of the GS is the greens.   The more funky and unusual greens, the better.   Your greens are savory or bitter?   Right on!

Tell me what’s in your Xtreme Smoothie.   Cool greens and other superfoods.   Only you hardcore green smoothie girls or guys, the ones who have been on this path for a while, the ones who’ll do anything if it’s good for you . . . I love you guys.

What’s your recipe?