your Total Blender does not run itself

Y’all know I am madly in love with the BlendTec Total Blender.  It’s not just an appliance, not just a blender . . . it’s really my best friend.   Okay, I’m getting carried away, but I do spend more time with my Total Blender than I do my best friends, I think.

Today I was helping in the 3rd grade for Rome Day, gorgeous sunny day in Utah after a crazy-snowy month.   Another volunteer  mom came up and said she reads my site/blog and had questions about buying a Total Blender.   She said, “I’ve just been waiting to buy it because I’m afraid I won’t use it.”

My friend Cheryl said this same thing to me a year or two ago before taking the plunge.   I lent her my backup machine to try it out.   But this is what I told her.   It’s not going to jump off the counter and conk you on the head till you use it.   It won’t make a peep.   You have to actually put stuff in it every day and push the buttons to start the blade turning.

That said, I think that when you buy something that hurts a little (requires a financial sacrifice), maybe you even had to save for a while and cut expenses in another area, you make a commitment.   You have a higher probability of succeeding.   Incidentally, that’s how Jenny Craig and other diet centers make their money–the fact that once you plunk down a chunk of change, you are more likely to follow through with the commitment to lose weight.

I hope your turbo blender isn’t just SITTING ON THE COUNTER.   Tell me . . . IS IT?!?!

Those of you using it DAILY, what-all do you do with it?