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Colloidal Silver

Good Day Robyn~ I am wondering where/how to order the 1/2 gallon of colloidal silver mentioned on your site under “food storage”.

Also, my friend showed me your site nearly a week ago, and we are both “doing it”. Her husband has joined her in going green, and she is a big support to me. I believe she and I have decided to go raw (attempt 80%)  previous to coming across your site, and you have surely helped us in this endeavour. Much appreciated.

I am trying to work with my children on this, as I battle my husband:) (at least  he is consuming more free-range meat)..  I’m  finding that I need to beat him to the kitchen, and make the meal tasty.. trial and error.. and he typically “goes for it”.

Anyhow, I look forward to posting in the future  about how my children (3 girls, 11,8,6 and 1 boy, 3) do in our journey to optimal health. Thanks for the help, support, encouragement and education.

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