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The Smiths, and a tagline for

So I have been dating this really great guy named Craig for a while.   (Not my dentist.   Different Craig.)   He told me this week that his favorite band of all time is The Smiths, and they have two songs called

Meat is Murder


Whole Foods Saved My Life

Pretty awesome, right?   Sometimes you find something that helps you so much that you want to just tell everyone . . . or write a rock song about it, lol!   I really need to find that last song because I just really can’t imagine the lyrics being too great.   Not the catchiest song title.

But, that said, we just had a logo contest and chose a rather businesslike but fresh-looking GreenSmoothieGirl logo for this site.   And we had another one that my biz partner Kelly and I didn’t dare put on the homepage and brand us with . . . because it’s so darn sexy.   But we want it on a t-shirt.   I’ll figure out how to blog it here and you can tell me if you’d wear a t-shirt with that logo.

We’re looking for a back-of-the-tshirt tagline.   My partner Tim wants  a “badass” tagline.   I was thinking   more like catchy, hot, or cool, haha.   Any of y’all have any ideas?   Frontrunners (I think I took this first one from GSG reader Tonya) are

Drink Your Salad

Got Greens?

Helping You Eat Whole Foods

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