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group buy for locals only: whole-food ingredients for 12 Steps recipes

Locals  only (pickup  in Lindon, Utah)–sorry, out-of-towners, I’m working on shipping the granola ingredients at least and will let you  know if I figure it out:


This  post kicks off a group buy for THREE WEEKS ONLY: great prices on many of the most popular whole-food ingredients in my 12 Steps to Whole Foods recipes that I highly recommend having in your food storage.   I’m very excited that you can get them in this buy in #10 cans.   This will slow spoilage only slightly, but it will keep meal worms/moths out, which I highly value since I’ve lost much of my food storage to meal worm infestation over the years.   The buy includes common items in my most popular recipes, including Hot-Pink Breakfast Smoothie and the granola that will dramatically change your digestion and elimination habits for the better.


You can also stock up on raw/organic agave, organic/extra virgin coconut oil, and VitaMineral Green (best thing I know of to nourish your thyroid, and the most important raw staple in my food storage, with a five-year shelf life).   Finally, I have some colloidal silver and Charlene’s Anti-Plague, for knocking down colds, viruses, and infections.


When you get an email after Apr. 4 to pick up your order in Lindon, to make sure you are using your storage items for amazing nutrition, you’ll also receive a list of all the recipes in my step-by-step program (that includes 250 recipes) that use these ingredients.  


Here’s the link to the order form in the store:   http:/     Please note your order number on your check when you mail it in!


Note that the minimum group buy is $200.   Please forward this email to your nutrition-conscious friends and family now, so they don’t get it after the buy closes on April 4.   Your order will note the address to postmark payment by Apr. 4.   Your out-of-state family may participate if they have someone to pick up for them, as we are not shipping these items.




Here’s the link to the order form again: http:/

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