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Locals in Utah County, at Sunflower Market right now, whole pitted dates in the bins are $2.79/lb., good price.   I love their produce, too, by the way (the candy section and the fact that they sell pork is really inexplicable, but . . . whatever).   Organic apples continue to be $0.99 at Good Earth.

In the next couple of days, I will be kicking off a new group buy for locals on the  cases of raw/organic  agave, cases of VitaMineral Green, gallons of extra virgin, organic coconut oil, and . . . this is new . . .

Almost all the ingredients for my granola (nuts, seeds, dried fruits, shredded coconut, flax, sprouts) in #10 cans!   That’ll keep the meal moths/worms out and slightly extend the shelf life for your storage.   (We’ll also have 5 lb. bags for those of you who are refrigerating or freezing, for all the items.)

Anyway, the prices are great and I’m excited.   Stand by for the announcement–the buy will be live in the store for just a few weeks!   I couldn’t work a deal to get reasonable shipping for agave and coconut oil, since they’re heavy, so non-locals, please just buy your oil through the link on the coconut oil pages on   I may be able to work out shipping on all the new items above, so I’ll let you know if I do.

I’ve been making the yummiest chips for guacamole and salsa by just cutting corn tortillas in quarters (with scissors) and broiling them till lightly browned, 2 mins. on each side.   They’re perfect, and no oil is needed.   I love the sprouted-wheat tortilla chips  I have taught you before (see my YouTube vid), but these are easy and  very cheap to make.

Subscribe to my video demos on YouTube (just search on “greensmoothiegirl”) because I have 7 new ones coming out.   How to shop for greens, fitness, a quick/easy candy recipe, five-minute salsa in your Total Blender, Green Smoothie 2.0 with Superfoods, and more.


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