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Here’s what my ionizer (alkaline water machine) looks like!

If you subscribe to my e-letter, you know we’re doing a free conference call this coming Tuesday night with the founder of Life Ionizer.

It will be great, because they’ll tell you about what happens when people begin getting alkaline by drinking ionized water, plus go through a lot of other information you’ve been asking about. We do group buys on the ionizers so readers can get theirs affordably rather than spend $4,000 on a multi-level marketed machine—or even pay retail on a Life machine (still much less expensive than the Kangen, but we can do better with our buying power!). I don’t promote ANYTHING on this site that I don’t use myself, and I adore my Life Ionizer.

Here’s the deal (this info requested by a reader):

Your REVERSE OSMOSIS filtration system ($299 wholesale in the group buy) removes completely dozens of chemicals like chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, and many more.

Your REMINERALIZER ($75) allows the water to flow through coral calcium to pick up the minerals stripped out by the reverse osmosis system, so the water doesn’t become “aggressive,” seeking minerals from your bones and tissues.

Your IONIZER makes that mineral water ALKALINE, which does more to change your pH balance than all the alkaline food you could eat in a day.

I have all three, and I’m posting a photo of the unit (14” x 4.5” x 10”) under my sink, plus the faucet that is in my granite countertop for the alkaline (or acid) water to come out at the touch of a button.

Water Ionizer

Water Ionizer

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