GreenSmoothieGirl’s weird opinion on soy

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: Your information about soy is unfortunate, incorrect and not based on science or the latest research or studies!   [Writer then pastes a study out of Harvard on PRNewswire Mar. 28 of this year saying that eating soy nuts and soy protein “may improve many problems associated with metabolic syndrome” in postmenopausal women.]


Answer:   I might agree with you if this were the only study I saw.   I would also agree with you if a huge and growing body of evidence comprised of dozens of other studies have not become to be fairly undeniable about the danger of overconsumption of SOY ISOLATES.   In other words, when the soy industry convinced us that its refined products and even waste products were a “health food,” we began to see a shift toward hormonal problems in particular and widespread health effects overall.


Google “soy danger” sometime and you can read for hours about another point of view that simply demands to be considered.


Using whole soy products in moderation shouldn’t be a problem.   But soy lecithin and protein and many other soy products are ubiquitous in thousands of breads, salad dressings, canned and boxed foods, and so many items in the health food store as well.  Far too much of it in the food supply is causing widespread hormone imbalances.


For more information about my digest of research related to soy that requires reconsideration of the “soy as health food” position: