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Review of the Alternative Health Gurus’ Newsletters [part 3 of 3]

Thanks for all the tips, everyone!   Some of the folks who have been mentioned do not have newsletters.   Those who do, I will be researching for later blog postings.   (I also forgot George Mateljan yesterday, whose newsletter I get and really like, with great nutrition information about specific foods, and recipes.)

In addition to all those alternative-health gurus, we’ll focus now on those who are exclusively in the raw-food arena, which has been exploding in popularity in recent years.


The Raw Foodies:


Victoria Boutenko: She is pure, she is informative, and she is real.   Some of you have asked why she is overweight.   I do not know.   A friend of mine in the raw-food movement says she’s an emotional eater, late at night and stuff.   Go figure.   But she loves to help people and has done more for raw food than possibly anybody.


David Wolfe: High energy, good info, great entertainment value, watchable interviews and vids, and a funny, classically tree-hugging, earthy-crunchy dude.   He’s the poster child, really.   And his products are obscenely overpriced–I really don’t like that.


Alyssa Cohen: She’s done a great job with her site and is an important advocate for raw foods.   I don’t know her CDs and programs well, but her recipes are pretty well liked.


Frederick Patenaude: I like this guy and his writing.   He’s the real deal, and I think his approaches are sensible, while firmly 100%.


Raw Divas: Tera writes in a lot more nurturing, fun style than I do–also less information per word, and not as hard-hitting.   She loves women and it shows, and she helps a lot of people eat raw and feel helped along the path as they do it!   Next time she does her BES system here to lose weight and go raw with lots of support for 30 days, I’ll blog about it here.

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