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Reviews of the Alternative Health Gurus’ newsletters [part 1 of 3]

Let’s talk about all the big names in health out there.  Risking making some enemies, I’m going to tell you exactly what I think about some of the big names online either giving you or selling you information.  Since I’m sure they get Google reports daily about every mention of their names online, I’m sure I’ll hear some screaming.


I have a close family member who hates the pharmaceutical and medical industries—with a zeal I really can’t compete with.  But she also has a corollary love of ALL things alternative, and seems to turn off her critical thinking skills whenever the company or “expert” is outside mainstream medicine.


This is a problem.  Plenty of hucksters, shysters, and charlatans are out there hawking “natural” stuff that will waste your money and not help you at all, possibly even hurt you.  I wish it were easier to discern the fakes from the real thing, and I am not the end of the road in Objective Truth for everything.  But what I do know is that eating right is something you can bank on—maximizing plant-based nutrition.  That’s why with few deviations, I stick to nutrition on this site.  And a focus on fitness is another area where you aren’t going to go wrong. 


Herbal remedies, in general, are much less risky than chemical remedies.  But if you find yourself buying lots of pills at the health food store while still eating a lot of stuff made by Kellogg, Cream O’ Weber, Swanson, and Kraft, you must ask yourself if something is really out of balance.


So tomorrow I’m going to review some of the big online names out there in alternative health.  Tell me here whose newsletter you get that you like (or don’t).  I’m sure I won’t hit all of them, but I get so many, you might tell me one that I forget to review.  I’m doing Joe Mercola, Jean Carper, Mike Adams/Health Ranger, Richard Blaylock, David G. Williams, Jonathan Wright, and Joel Fuhrman.  Then I’ll do the raw foodies Victoria Boutenko, David Wolfe, Alyssa Cohen, Frederic Patenaude, and Raw Divas. So let me know—who did I miss?

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