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GSG diet and CANCER

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: I subscribe to your 12 step information.   I just was diagnosed with cancer of my spleen and liver.   I had colon cancer 2 years ago.   I would greatly appreciate any information you have on alternative ways to heal from cancer.   Anything you could tell me would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: Cancer cannot live in the presence of oxygen.   Therefore, oxygenating blood and tissues makes a lot of sense for a person with cancer.   (I believe, as do many others, that we all “have” cancer–and this is fairly well documented.   But only a person whose immune system is seriously compromised, usually through lifestyle choices or exposures to toxins, actually develops a cancer that is proliferates out of control.)

How do you oxygenate?   With oxygen-rich foods, which are (this will surprise no one who reads this site) plants including fruits, vegetables, and sprouted/live foods including nuts, seeds, and grains.   Lots of alkaline water is another must:

I also suggest looking at Sick and Tired by Robert O. Young, Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine by Gabriel Cousens, The Cure for All Cancers by Hulda Clark, and The Cancer Battle Plan by David Frahm.

The food of cancer is sugar.   So if you eat refined sugar, you are literally nurturing cancer cells.   So getting immediately off sweeteners like sugar and corn syrup is critical.   Also eliminate completely all acidic foods.   See Ch. 12 of 12 Steps to Whole Foods.   The most acidic foods are soft drinks, coffee, meat and dairy, sugar and white flour.

And of course, surround yourself with positive energies: positive, encouraging people; positive thoughts; laughter and prayer and hope.   Modern medicine’s entire concept of “fighting cancer” (with cutting/burning/poisoning and a “tough” attitude) makes no sense to me.   Instead of “fighting” (or at least in addition to fighting, if  the idea of the fully alternative path is  too scary),  you may wish to nourish the immune elements in your body to help those elements get the big job done of eliminating the cancer.   That’s what  the immune system does, for healthy people.

May God bless you in this trial in your life!

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