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Are you on Facebook?   If so, make me your “friend” by searching for Robyn Openshaw-Pay.   (It’s also a great way to keep tabs on what your teenagers are up to!)   See you there.

In other news/reminders, I just did a group buy on ionizers, and Life Ionizer is letting me add a couple of people.   If you want into the buy, please email me at   I will send you wholesale pricing, which I cannot post because the prices are so far below the MSRP.   Those of us who have alkaline water and no bulky machine sitting on top of our counters (like the $4,000 Enagic machine) LOVE it.   If you are ready to learn about WATER, read my mini reports here:

And, locals, if you know anyone who didn’t get almonds in the Nov./Dec. group buy, I did get some extra.   Click on “group buys” in the store.   You can order 100 lbs. (or 200 lbs., etc.).

I have also made more colloidal silver and Charlene is making more Anti-Plague, which can be ordered in the same group buy form–just zero the almonds.

And one more thing for locals only: the BEST  Gala apples ever are $0.99/lb. at Good Earth.   That’s a good price for conventional apples, and these are ORGANIC.

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