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AstraZeneca . . . or a plant-based diet?

If you read this blog regularly, you’ve heard my opinion that the drug companies have to be watched closely because their motive is in direct conflict with public health interests.   Don’t give your money to most “breast cancer research” campaigns, for instance, because it’s usually just the drug companies double dipping.   That is, making money on the front end in profits on the drug, but also fundraising to get more of our dollars to develop more of the same.   The Rx companies have plenty of profits to accomplish what they say is saving lives but isn’t.   Drugs don’t cure cancer and they never will.   They nuke tumors but they cause them, too, leaving a devastating wake of damaged and destroyed cells, tissues, blood, bone, and organs along the way.


One of my pet peeves is the STATIN DRUG farce, a billion-dollar industry in a world where the #1 killer is heart disease.


Drug company AstraZeneca somehow suckered 18,000 people WITH LOW CHOLESTEROL into taking their new statin drug, Crestor.   The company got some “independent experts” to rubber stamp their findings that even people with no history of heart disease and low levels of LDL (the bad cholesterol) can lower their cholesterol very slightly by swallowing their new chemical daily.   Catherine Arnst in Business Week touts it and suggests that this means that millions more people will be put on a daily statin regimen.


Doctors doing this should be publicly castigated or at least educated.   That’s what I’m doing here.   People with low cholesterol and no history of disease should be LEFT ALONE.


Matthew Herper in says that 20 mg. daily of Crestor costs $1,400 a year and yet estimates Crestor sales doubling over the next five years!   (But Forbes doesn’t add this: unless it is found to be killing people, like its predecessor was, that is.   There’s ALWAYS a new drug being developed in the pipemill, in case the best sellers get exposed as frauds.)


$1,400 a year is over $200 a month to buy raw plant foods to replace meat, dairy, coffee, and processed foods that will massively decrease virtually anyone’s risk of heart disease. This is why my publisher titled my new book (out in spring ’09 and available on Amazon for pre-order) The Green Smoothies Rx.   Plant foods are an antidote, a prescription, the closest thing to a magic pill you’ll ever find.

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