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“cleanup” on group orders

I leave tonight on a redeye to Costa Rica for a week where I intend to get really brown and see some rain forest and butterfly farms and beaches and volcanoes.   While I’m gone, I will magically continue to blog!

Tomorrow 2,000 lbs. of raw almonds (again, sold only in 100 lb. increments) will go live in the store for LOCALS ONLY (those willing to pick up in Lindon, Utah).   And, we have 14 more quarts of Anti-Plague ($50), and 25 more quarts of Colloidal Silver ($25) if you would like to order them.   Simply use the group buy form and just mark the almonds as 0.

When I’m back from Costa Rica on approx. Jan. 5, I will notify those of you who got the last 2,000 lbs. that you can come pick them up.   Act quickly because I have an email list demand I haven’t notified yet that far exceeds the supply.   So when I notify them if there are any remaining when I get back, they’ll be gone that day.   And this will be all we have until next year’s crop  in fall ’09, as the only rancher who would work with us has gathered up every bit that wasn’t declared to the Almond Board and it’s all GONE.