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data on the benefits of eating RAW FOOD . . . part 3 of 3

At Washington University, surgeons put tubes in dogs to drain pancreatic juice enzymes out of the body.   Even though the dogs had access to plenty of food, they all died within a week.   (I know, what a terrible study!)   Another group of researchers duplicated the study, with the same results, in rats.


Another Finnish study was published in 2000 in the Scandinavian Journal of Rheumatology.   Researchers at University of Kuopio studied 33 women with fibromyalgia.   Half ate a completely raw diet and the other half ate a vegan diet.   The raw food group had less pain, better sleep, and less stiffness in the morning than the vegans.


In 2001, Nutrition and Food Science published results of a survey of people who had switched to a vegetarian, mostly raw eaters.   The participants reported what they ate as well as how they felt and what their quality of life was.   The study reported the average rating (on a 100-point scale) rising from 61 to 90 for general health, from 49 to 78 for vitality, and from 71 to 87 for mental health.

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