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the data on benefits of RAW FOOD . . . part 2 of 3

Another very old study was the work of Robert McCarrison in the 1920’s and 1930’s, working with rats.   A group of 1,000 rats was fed a partially raw diet of carrots, sprouts, cabbage, bread, milk, and meat.   Another 2,000 were fed canned food, boiled vegetables, and milk.  


The rats in the first group were extremely healthy.   The rats in the second group developed




Hair loss

Skin diseases


Dental decal



Jump forward 60 years.   The Journal of Nutrition published the work of Finnish researchers at University of Kuopio studying how a raw, vegan diet affects elimination.


Eighteen people were divided in two groups.   One group ate a raw, vegan diet for one month and a conventional diet the second month.   The control group ate a conventional diet the entire two months.   Researchers measured fecal enzymes and the colon-cancer-causing toxins p-cresol and phenol in blood serum from both groups.


The test group showed lowered amounts of the substances measured during the raw, vegan month, returning to normal within two weeks of returning to the conventional diet.   The control group’s enzyme and toxin measurements remained the same throughout.


The evidence suggests that bacterial enzymes that place a strain on the body’s systems, as well as cancer-causing toxins, decrease when we eat raw plant foods.


I’ve told you about three studies.   Three more tomorrow.

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