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Vitamin B12

You have probably read that the average person eats 10 lbs. of bugs per year.   That’s not a fact you like to think about much, I’ll bet.   When our culture began to fear micro-organisms, we started to fear bugs, too.   John the Baptist would be so disappointed in us. J

Virtually everything we eat, processed food included, has bugs in it. Food manufacturers have limits imposed by the FDA: maximum weight per pound of rat hair, for instance, or bug bodies. Manufacturers are allowed only two maggots per 100 grams of tomato sauce, or 60 bug fragments for 100 grams of peanut butter.

I’m here to tell you the upside. We get Vitamin B12 from micro-organisms in the soil. For years, people have loved to repeat that the plant-based diet is deficient because the ONLY place you get B12 is from red meat. This isn’t true. Animal flesh has B12 because animals eat things grown in organism-rich soil. Indigenous vegetarian peoples around the globe have been tested to have almost universally perfect B12 stores in their bodies. (They are eating close to the land.) If we didn’t nuke our soils with pesticides and so many other chemicals, because we’re so afraid of bugs, we wouldn’t have a B12 problem. The answer isn’t to gobble more animal flesh, which causes so many OTHER problems.

Eating a little dirt and a little bugs now and then isn’t a problem. I’m not suggesting you kill some crickets to add crunch to your salad tonight, though the ULTIMATE source of B12 is . . . termites. I’m just saying that before we introduced unnatural ways of changing our food supply, we didn’t have a B12 problem.

The best way to avoid worrying about B12 altogether may be to grow your own produce in your own organic garden, and buy organic produce when you can. It’s not too late. I’m growing winter greens in my covered garden right now, in Utah where it’s already snowed. Poisoning the plants we grow as food to get rid of insects is unnatural and has unintended consequences.

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