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should I go out with this guy?

I told y’all some time ago that I was in the final stage of  my divorce.   Thanks again for all your support and kind words, both on the blog and in private emails.   We are all doing okay, I think.

So my divorce was final a while ago and I have started putting my little toe in the dating  pool.   That is scary,  after 20 years!   I am talking to a guy with whom I share religious beliefs, who is a father of three, smart, educated, successful, and physically fit.

The only issue?   I hope you all get a big belly laugh out of this.   What he does for a living is that he’s a district operations manager of a bunch of . . . PHARMACIES.

Should I go out with him, or not?    In his defense, he has checked out and  doesn’t seem  scared.   AND, he wrote me this (I’m paraphrasing since he said it to me in IM so I don’t have an exact quote):

“I  work  in pharmaceuticals  for the money.   But the medical profession has created a monster.   People are gobbling up pills in record numbers; in some venues I see elderly people eating 30-40 pills a day.   They’d probably feel just as good taking a placebo.”

Okay, GSG readers, your opinions on earthy crunchies dating pharmaceutical people?

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