Raw food beating cancer is front-page news!

Yesterday my friend Shelley Abegg, a breast cancer five-year survivor, was on the front page.   She beat cancer without chemo or radiation with a raw-food vegan diet:




This is a four-part series on local women with breast cancer.   The first two parts were   full of radiation and chemo stories, including a woman with small children who is 36 years old and now full of cancer, waiting to die and trying to give her children as many memories as possible before she goes.   I was hoping, reading the first two parts, they’d feature someone who chose an alternative, so I’m thrilled that this story ran.   I’m disappointed that Kim O’Neill at BYU didn’t say more positive things, because he tested her as cancer free early in Shelley’s raw treatment, and for some reason he chose to use his time with the reporter to say that everyone should get medical treatment.   Fear of the power of Mainstream Medicine is real!


You may know from reading my story that my first inspiration in life was my grandmother who did the exact same thing.   Shelley talks about how even 8 years ago, people thought she was crazy to forgo medical treatment, so imagine how my grandmother was received in 1983!   (She got the last laugh, though.)


Vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, grains and legumes, especially in their raw (and sprouted) state are MEDICINE.   They are powerful.   Sometimes in a fight with cancer, time is not on your side.   Shelley mentions her friend who went the rounds with chemo three times and THEN started trying to eat raw just before she passed away.   (The reporter isn’t telling that whole story.)


Several years ago, Shelley and I also went to the funeral of our friend Jill, a 44-year old wealthy wife of an M.D. and mother of five children.   It was one of the most heartbreaking funerals I have ever attended, watching Jill’s little three-year old daughter all dressed up in her tulle and lace, following the casket.   Very shortly before Jill died, Shelley and I went to her house to tell her about cleansing, wheat grass juice, raw food–because she asked us to.   Jill said, “I have known this is what I am supposed to do.”   But she feared it was too late.


Women shouldn’t be dying en masse from this disease.   In all the places of the world where women fear breast cancer because rates are so high–like here–the culture is plagued by ubiquitous toxic food.   The answer does not lie in more cutting, burning, and poisoning (surgery, radiation, and chemo).   You can give your money to the people hawking the little pink ribbons.   But if you do, your money will go to funding development of more burning-and-poisoning approaches for women.


The answer lies in prevention, and an important part of that is a lifestyle of enzyme-rich plant foods and daily physical activity.