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I am closing the fall ’08 water ionizer group buy

If you have been thinking about getting a water ionizer through the biannual group buys that I facilitate, to obtain wholesale pricing on 10+ units, we have enough now and are placing the order on MONDAY.

Microbiologist and nutritionist Dr. Robert O. Young (author of The pH Miracle, Sick and Tired,  and several other books) says that you can do more to neutralize the acidity in your cells with ALKALINE WATER than with all the alkaline food you could eat.   So, it’s frankly the best and easiest way to deal with acidic foods (topping the list: sodas, coffee, dairy, meat, and processed foods) as well as environmental pollution and stress that cause acidosis, burning out your tissues and aging your cells.

I am  crazy about  my under-sink mounted Life Ionizer, and I hate hearing about people paying $4,000 through the network marketing company’s product (which sits on top of your counter and attaches to the sink faucet with hoses!).   That’s Enagic or Kangen, the company I’m referring to.

Last year, with my alkaline water, I had my first-ever  cold Utah winter without  spots of cracked, dry, bleeding  skin.   I feel a dramatic difference in my energy drinking alkaline water versus my reverse osmosis, distilled, bottled, or tap water.   My 15-year old son Kincade, who rolls his eyes at most of what I do like any teenager worth his salt, said to me a few weeks after we got the ionizer, “Mom, I don’t know what that water is or what that machine does.   But I feel AMAZING when I drink that water.”

So if you want the wholesale prices and are thinking about jumping in, we won’t be doing this for another six months, so email me at for the details.   I  am not allowed to  publish them on the site because they are not the “manufacturer suggested retail prices” and dealers would pitch a fit.   Your transaction is direct with the company–I’m just a facilitator bringing them at least 10 at a time.   You get a five-year warranty and, if you want, financing so you can make payments.

And here’s the link of my report on alkaline water on the site, telling you what I believe IDEAL water to be, and discussing the health benefits of alkaline water—for your reading pleasure:

Here’s an independent web site’s rating of the various machines produced by the top reputable companies:

Email me for pricing of the various models (including a countertop one for those who rent their homes) at

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