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do not read this unless you want to lose weight . . . part 2!

Today I present to you the healthiest program I’ve ever seen to lose

weight, developed by my friend Tera.   It’s in keeping with principles of healing and promoting

energy and vitality through a plant-based, whole-foods, mostly

raw lifestyle.   And goes it one better–because for people DEADLY

SERIOUS about weight loss, there’s nothing better than 100% raw.

It’s the 30-Day Raw Food Weight Loss Program, or Body

Enlightenment System (BES).


You have  less than three  days to sign up for this transformational

30-Day weight loss program, and I recommend that you reserve

a spot right away.   You get daily email coaching, a real, live “buddy”

assigned to you to keep you accountable and supported every day,

a success planner and prep week, a fitness program,

a menu planner, a workbook, green recipes, and a lifetime pass

to the program if you want to come back again.


Let’s get off the emotional eating roller coaster, say goodbye

to  addictions, and rediscover what you are really meant to look

and feel like,  with this system guaranteed to help you release

excess weight and get you back in control of your eating habits, your  

health, and your life.  


I’m endorsing this because the program addresses SO much

more than just food.     Because you know our tendency to overeat

or eat the wrong foods is about issues deeper than  the fact that

bad food tastes good, don’t you?


Angela Stokes lost 160 lbs. by eating a raw-food diet.   She said on CNN

recently, “If I did it, you can do it, too!”   She endorses this program.


This offer is covered by a money-back NO RISK guarantee.   The only thing

you’ll lose, then, is those extra pounds.  


Click here (or paste this link into your browser) to read what those who’ve

been through the program say, and to sign up.   This event closes at

noon on Oct. 25!

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