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do not read this unless you want to lose weight

You’re still reading . . . so I’m guessing you’ve “lost” weight only to find it again?

A few times?   How many times in your life have you gained and lost 10 lbs.?

Or 20?


Did you just sigh, thinking about how many times you’ve been through that?


So many people are out there telling you how to lose weight, and

I am furious with most of them–including the M.D.s–who teach

ways of losing weight that damage your health in the process.   Some just

want to grab their share of the big diet empire.   And others?   Well, maybe

they’re choosing to remain ignorant.   Ignorant of what Dr. Joel Fuhrman says

is even MORE evidence that plant foods prevent disease than we have evidence

that smoking causes lung cancer!


Calorie counting backfires.   Eating massive protein and minimizing carbs is a

cancer- and heart-disease-causing diet.   Eating for your blood type is

based on bogus “science,” at best.


At, I don’t support that kind of dieting, and I’ve told

you on  this blog exactly what’s wrong with all those dieting approaches.


Y’all have asked me to create a COMPREHENSIVE weight loss program.

I’ve thought about it.   But why re-invent the wheel, when it’s been done?

I’ve found that program, the one that will not only cause weight loss, but

VIBRANT HEALTH and minimized disease risk.   It’s essentially what

I would write, if I wrote a targeted weight-loss program.


I’ll tell you tomorrow!   Stay tuned, because you’ll have only three

days to jump in, at that point.

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