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ideas for those putting together a larger raw almond group buy

For those of you wanting to make some money in addition to get your own raw almonds free, I have some suggestions based on phone calls I am receiving around the U.S.:

1.   Contact owners of small health food stores.   (Several health food store owners have called me.)   Ask if they want to get some RAW/UNPASTEURIZED almonds and/or if they want to hand out flyers to their customers for a profit split with you.   Then, make up a flyer using information from your e-letter of two days ago and/or this blog.   You have to educate people about the issue–most people don’t know.   I wouldn’t be surprised if  some health food store owners don’t know about the fact that they aren’t getting raw almonds any more.

2.   Contact someone you know who is interested in nutrition, and ask who SHE knows who is the earthy-crunchy type.   Keep going like that and making phone calls to build your order and your email list.

2.   Make it easier on yourself and don’t break down the 100# orders.    That will make work for you–trust me, every person in your buy will create  work for you, because you have to arrange for them to pick up and answer their questions, email or call them if they don’t come to pick up, etc.–but then you’ll have TONS more people buying fewer pounds of almonds.   I make the 100# a minimum, but if you want, you can make 50# the minimum, because the nuts arrive in 50# boxes.   If you make 100# a minimum, then someone can always go find a friend(s) to go in on the order.   In my experience, this works well without killing you off, and it brings more people into your group buy list.

3.   Keep track of all the email addresses you collect.   Those are all people who are interested in (a) food storage, (2) nutrition, and (3) good prices.   This is the beginning of your group-buy business, if you want one.   You can help people, make a lot of cool new friends you have something important in common with, and get your food for free or even make money as your group grows.   Do group buys only on things that they can’t get without your bulk purchasing power (raw almonds being one example of that).   Stick close by and I will let you know of things as I become aware of them.   Right now people are HIGHLY MOTIVATED, for the obvious reasons, to prepare for emergencies.   (Here in Utah County, for instance, NO CANNING JARS can be found, anywhere.   Ball and Kerr cannot manufacture them to keep up with demand!)    People are very grateful to people who organize group buys.    Co-ops are  a rewarding and fun space to be in.