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Q&A about raw almonds / group buys

I apologize for this impersonal way to talk to everyone who wrote asking q’s about the almonds.  But some of the questions are duplicative, so I’m killing all the birds with one stone.  Wait, that’s a bad analogy.  No one likes to be compared to dead birds.  Point is, I’ve got more emails than I can answer one at a time.  You’ll find the a to your q here:


1.  Are the almonds organic?


No. If they were, they’d be at least $8/lb. (I looked into it). If you read, the site and the blogs, or my book, you know I

believe in buying organic if its price is 50% more, but not 250% more.  And

if you google looking for the experts’ lists of “Top 10 Foods You Don’t Need

to Buy Organic,” tree nuts are always on that list.  That’s because they’re

sprayed when the thick shells are on the nuts.  In 12 Steps to Whole Foods,

I teach you to SOAK (germinate) the nuts as well, further eliminating any

possibility of toxins.


2.  Are the almonds shelled?




3.  I’ve been buying raw almonds from Trader Joe’s and Costco.  If they’re

not raw, what are they?


They are flash pasteurized (at high heats, and ANY heat about 116 degrees

destroys all enzymes).  If the California almonds growers win their lawsuit

against the FDA, this may change one day.  Right now, no labeling laws

prevent retailers from saying that pasteurized nuts are “raw.”  But they are



4.  What’s the loophole in the law you refer to?


Under California’s new law, a person can buy up to 100 lbs. per day directly

from the rancher.  Most ranchers would not deal with us.  Only a couple of

them would.  I will be converting your checks to money orders, one per

family, and taking them directly to the rancher to satisfy this requirement.

Most of the ranchers would not sell to us unless they saw EACH buyer IN

PERSON at the ranch.


5.  I’m from X city in Y state.  Can you hook me up with others to put

together a larger order to cut down on shipping?


Idea #1: Just post your email address on this blog (call yourself, for instance, trina

at gmail dot com to avoid your email address being harvested by spammers)

and ask other readers to hook up with you.  


Idea #2:  One reader says she posted on Craigslist and was getting quite a few responses.  You may wish to do the same in your local area.


6.  Do you take PayPal? How much is shipping to X state?  When I mail you a

check, is there tax?


No PayPal (fees too high to justify since this is a group buy, not a profit venture).  No tax.  Just click on the link in the email you received about the group buy (or in my blog) to go to the store, and in the ordering page you’ll see the shipping costs. It’s the same nationwide.  Shipping prices are also in the email you got, $0.75/lb. for 100-500 lbs., $0.50/lb. for 600-1,000 lbs., and $0.25/lb. for 1,100 lbs. or more.


7.  The LOCAL group buy–can I get the colloidal silver shipped to me? When

will pickup be?  What’s in Anti-Plague and how would I use it?


Sorry, we aren’t shipping colloidal silver or Anti-Plague; it’s for local pickup only.  I’ve tried lots of natural remedies, but these are the ones I keep around because they WORK against colds, or any virus/infection.  The order closes on Oct. 30 and we will email you when the items are here in Lindon, Utah, by mid-November.

I am making the colloidal silver.  I have brand-new all-stainless steam distiller and silver maker; no plastic will leach BPAs into your solution and you will get it in reusable canning jars.  It does not ever “go bad.”  I like to keep a couple of gallons on hand in food storage; it’s great for flushing eyes/ears/nose/throat.

Anti-Plague is raw honey/apple-cider vinegar/garlic + 8 immune-stimulating herbs.  I have found these items to be downright miraculous in knocking down any virus or infection, and you keep Anti-Plague in the fridge and take it with a spoon a couple of times a day.  It takes a couple of weeks to make, and my master herbalist friend Charlene hand-makes it once a year and has committed only 27 quarts to my local group buyers. 

Again, LOCALS ONLY for these items and the raw/organic agave (case of 4 gals. is $130).

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