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Earn $825+ getting RAW ALMONDS for you and your friends

You can earn $825 or more by having your friends participate in this buy–read details below.

California’s almond trees have just been harvested, and it’s a bumper crop!

Almonds should be on anyone’s top 10 list of most-nutritious foods. When you soak truly raw almonds, they sprout and are nutritionally worth 200% to 500% more: they double in fiber, and minerals, vitamins, and those all-important enzymes go through the roof! Enzyme inhibitors are neutralized and the almond’s plant energy is released–for you to use. This item should be in everyone’s pantry.

Unfortunately, you can’t get raw almonds from any retailer, unless they’re $8-$12/lb. from Spain. Not Costco, not Good Earth, not Wild Oats, not Azure Standard. It’s been illegal since Sept. ’07 for California to sell raw almonds to retailers, and California produces 85% of the world’s almonds–it’s the state’s largest agricultural export. For that you can thank the mandatory high-heat, flash-pasteurization law that the FDA is currently being sued for, by a coalition of almond growers. Some nuts are labeled raw (because no restrictions on this are imposed by the government), even though they are flash pasteurized and WILL NOT GERMINATE.

I’ve found a way to now make my local group buy available nationwide! Wait till I tell you the price (wow)! With prices going up, this is a nice lull in the storm of rising food costs, an opportunity to stock up on an important food at a better price than you can find elsewhere.

I’m getting them directly from a ranch in California under the loophole in the law wherein you can buy 100 lbs. per person, per day, directly from the rancher. I’m getting BIGGER, NICER ones (25-27 nuts per ounce rather than 30-32 per ounce) than we did in our local buy several months ago, for the SAME PRICE. (Can you tell I’m excited?)

An order is 100 lbs. for $300 ($3/lb.). So, not only are these raw, but they are much less expensive than you could get them anywhere else! If that’s more than you want, forward this email to friends and get someone to go in with you. The order comes in two 50# boxes, so it’s easy to split with one other person. The nuts are FRESH OUT OF THE TREE and will be good at least a year (longer with refrigeration, cold storage, or freezing).

Canadians, please don’t order unless you have a U.S. delivery address across the border.

Go to the Group Buy section of the store to place your order, then mail a check by Oct. 30.

If you want to organize a group buy and get your friends and family involved, shipping gets CHEAPER at 600 lbs. and REALLY CHEAP at 1,100 lbs. because that’s when we can use a truck instead of UPS.

To organize a group buy in your area, I suggest making it worth your time by charging everyone $4/lb. If you round up 1,000 lbs. of orders in your community (plus your own 100 lbs.) and place the order online, you’ve earned yourself $825 through the $0.25/lb. you marked the almonds up plus the $0.50/lb. you saved on shipping. (It’s easy–in my last local group buy, we did 11,000 lbs.) If you round up only 5 other buyers of 100 lbs., for a total order of 600 lbs., you still earn $300–that’s your own whole 100-lb. almond order free.

You’re welcome to cut and paste any part of this blog to send out to your nutrition- and food-storage-oriented friends to round up your order. You will be rewarded for your efforts AND bless other people’s lives who will have one of nature’s most perfect foods in their pantry against winter and emergency. If you don’t want to organize a group buy, at least forward a link to today’s blog to your friends, because this order closes Oct. 30–and I don’t know if/when I will be able to do it again.

I teach you how to germinate and preserve really yummy ALMOND SPROUTS as crunchy snacks that virtually any kid will eat, in Ch. 7 of my e-book, 12 Steps to Whole Foods.

It’s so easy to just soak them overnight and dehydrate. Almonds are not only wildly nutritious and a fantastic fresh source of Vitamin E and fiber, they’re also lower in fat than all the other nuts. I’ll post two recipes for using sprouted almonds, CURRY ALMONDS and ALMOND PATE (a sandwich/wrap filling) as free recipes on my blog tomorrow.


LOCALS ONLY: You have your OWN area in the store to order, and your order is a pickup at my home, NO SHIPPING, just $3/lb.! Also in this group buy you can order for great wholesale prices:

1. Raw/organic cases of 4 gals. of agave ($130).

2. Half gallon of colloidal silver for your food storage in reusable glass canning jars. (Bonus for today’s readers: hurry to the store because it’s marked $20 but will change to $25 in the next 24 hrs. The silver will last indefinitely and does not go bad, 10 parts per million concentration, made with steam-distilled water and no polycarbonate collection  methods or parts, so no plastic flavor or BPAs.)

3. For the first 27 who order, Charlene’s Anti-Plague remedy that my family has used for years and is AMAZING at knocking down any virus or infection. Everyone should have these last two in their arsenal for the winter. Use a spoonful of colloidal silver 3 times daily, internally, or to flush ears/eyes/nose/throat for any infection or virus.



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