GreenSmoothieGirl Nutrition Quiz: new! improved! interactive!

Here it is, at last, the refined quiz to test how excellent,  energy promoting, and disease preventing  your diet is.   It should identify ways you can improve, and of course you know that  EVERY  ONE of those ways  is addressed in 12 Steps to Whole Foods.   It’s interactive, so your score is totalled automatically-it will take you two minutes!

Take the GreenSmoothieGirl nutrition quiz.

Some of you beta tested this quiz  a couple of months ago and gave me feedback through email and comments on the blog.   I believe this would be the nutritional equivalent of what we call in academia “rigorous.”   That is, it demands a lot of you.   It isn’t going to tell you, like the USDA will, that you’re doing well if you mix in a salad now and then.

It does, however, give you extra credit to cover for some of your nutritional sins.   I have carefully considered, based on the volumes of data available, HOW important each area of nutrition is, and I have weighted questions accordingly within the 100 points.

I would like to hear from some of you lurkers!   It’s so easy to comment-you don’t even have to register in order to comment on this, my blog,  I think.   If anyone beats my score, and I’m sure someone will because some raw foodies read this, please let us all know!   (If anyone’s mad because the quiz doesn’t give them the score you believe you deserve, feel free to sound off here, too!)

My score is 97.

Here it is again: