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Manifesto 12 Questions

Okay… so now I’m freaking out. I have been 80% for 2 yrs and 100% vegan on and off during that two years. If it comes in a package I don’t buy it let alone eat it. I cycle 25-30mi 3 times a week and walk 4 miles a day when not on the bike. I help build houses for Habitat and am generally a very active person. Single mom of two, etc. I just saw the recommended wt charts posted for your Myth #12 and I have to say WOW!! I haven’t seen that weight in 36 years! And I wear a size 6! According to that chart I have 30pounds to loose!!!!!!!  I  consume only  one quart of Green smoothies and one large salad a day now! Is anyone else blown away by this or is it just me?


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