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backed up, and wondering if I’ll ever dig my way out

Hi, just back from 4 days visiting my best-friend-since-7th-grade in San Francisco.   I’m digging my way through emails, and I just wanted to say PLEASE FORGIVE ME because I just added another 50 emails from readers asking me questions, to my folder of already hundreds.   I don’t know if I’ll ever get to them all, and if I do, it’ll be a while.   And it kills me, because some of those emails are those of you who wrote very kind words about my very personal disclosure recently (THANK YOU) or who are struggling with something significant.

Your best bet to ask me a question is to blog it because I prioritize answering anything that’s out here in the public space.   But anyway, thanks for your patience with me.

Coming soon: I have that nutrition quiz I beta tested a couple of months ago, new and improved, and going live on the site soon, and it’s INTERACTIVE!   (Calculates your totals for you.)   Also I have lots of new content that’s been backed up while I didn’t have a webmaster but now I have these good people in India, just getting them going.   Gradually lots of cool stuff should happen on this site, including the blogs becoming a forum at some point.   Watch VERY soon for a chance to get in on a group buy of RAW ALMONDS–opening it nationwide, though I usually just do this for my local group.   Cool, huh?   You can’t get raw almonds anywhere without paying $8/lb. to get them from Spain, and these will be $3/lb.   You just have to have raw almonds in your whole-foods cupboard or freezer, and your food storage.   Watch this space.

So, getting there, getting there!

Much love,


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