how life changed when we switched to whole foods . . . part 1 of 2


Thinking about Katie’s fingernails prompted this post.   Ridged, bumpy, splitting every which way, I believe she wrote.

Green smoothies started her down a great path.   Good things are happening internally, whether she notices the changes or not.   But sometimes we do–sorry to tell you–have to go further than just adding a quart of green smoothie to your daily diet.   If you want to get rid of annoying, chronic issues, like bad nails, a sacrifice may have to be laid on the altar.

You know what it is.   I bet you could tell me.   For me, it’s sugar, my only real vice (most of the time, I don’t eat it–but when I’m weak, that’s where I’m going to fail).

You need to lay sugar on the altar?   Or what is it?

I don’t want to make Katie feel bad or anything, but since we’re talking about hair and nails, right as I read her comment, my camera was sitting next to me and I took this photo of my hand.   Yeah, I know.   That’s probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever taken a photo of.   Thank goodness I don’t have to rationalize the development cost, now, with digital cameras.   But this is what happened when I changed my diet: they have no white spots (mineral problems), and they grow long and fast and strong.   I’ll put up with them like this for a while and then get annoyed and whack them off.   Then they grow again, lightning fast.   I’m not proud of my hands (no offense, Mom, if you’re reading, but they look like hers).   Not pretty.   But I have great nails!   (Stained an unfortunate red right now from putting up raw pickled beets from my garden–that’s Ch. 8 in 12 Steps.)

Victoria Boutenko writes that this is one of the things she noticed, right off, drinking lots of green smoothies–nails growing quickly and becoming strong.   Remember that Boutenko was ALREADY OFF SUGAR (100% raw) when she started adding green smoothies.


What happens when I eat sugar?   Most notably and immediately, three things.   First, I break out: cold sores and blemishes.   Second, I’m tired every afternoon.   Third, I’m anxious and irritable. 



I don’t like being any of those three things.   One thing that really helps is if I have a good repertoire of treats that don’t involve any processed sugar.   I don’t even need a treat every day, as long as I know I could have one, if I wanted.   They’re in the fridge, the freezer, or at least I have the ingredients.   The main ingredients of my favorite treats tend to be cashews, almonds and almond butter, tahini, raw chocolate, raw coconut and its liquid, agave, and fruit.   I have had so much fun developing Chapter 11 of 12 Steps to Whole Foods.   Some of the recipes are 100% raw, and none used processed ingredients (well, duh).

The whole time I was developing recipes, I had no desire whatsoever to eat anything bad for me, because I always had something yummy that I made the day before, or something I was about to make.   I hope Ch. 11 helps you.   It’s going to be a fun month, in November.