why is everyone’s hair thinning? . . . part 1 of 3

Hugs and thanks and prayers back, for peace for you, everyone who commented on my last blog (and all you lurkers who emailed me, too).   Your kindness and prayers for my family mean more to me than I know how to express.

Onward and upward.   One of my biggest frustrations in helping people improve their nutrition is that even those of us who eat the healthiest diet sometimes still have mineral absorption problems, despite massively improved health.   That’s possibly thanks to decades of eating the wrong food before we got on the “straight and narrow.”   Helping someone with these specific problems involves getting really detailed and scientific about what is going wrong, and what is missing.   It’s a trial-and-error process.

Lately I’ve been a bit obsessed with studying why some people who eat right have thinning hair.   The next two blogs about iodine and sulfur, are meant to help one reader of this web site and blog, with whom I’ve become  friends.   She is a former Baywatch actress and Hollywood starlet in California, on a quest to find out why her gorgeous hair is dropping to the ground despite being 75-95% raw for some time now.

I’m not going gray, and I wouldn’t say I have thin hair, but it’s much thinner than it was before I had kids, and I am making myself an experiment as well, to see if I can change this.   I have found NO answers to the thinning and graying hair issue within mainstream medicine, and I’ve found no scientific studies on the issue, which is bizarre given the pervasiveness of the problems.   I wish I had the resources to undertake a truly scientific study on what might address this issue within nutrition, because many people are frustrated by hair issues.

So check out the next two blogs if these are issues for you.   I am synthesizing information on iodine and sulfur, but you can decide for yourself if one or both are worth a try for you.   I also think that addressing ALKALINITY has a strong probability of making a big difference.   That’s in Ch. 12, coming up in a couple of months for those of you who subscribe to 12 Steps to Whole Foods.