are you gardening yet?

I hope you’re planting a garden, since it’s May 14 and prime planting season!   I am enjoying the sunshine and getting my hands in the dirt (that’s “grounding” that gives you lots of antioxidants, by the way).   This is my first year doing it solo, though, so it’s lots more work, turning all the soil by hand and stringing the 275 square feet of my rather ambitious garden . . . and then the planting, weeding, and tending  itself.

That’s okay.   It’ll give me more of a sense of accomplishment.

Tonight we had a salad from the lettuce I planted in the middle of the winter, now mature.   Read Ch. 5 of 12 Steps to Whole Foods for pretty much everything I know about gardening, plus my two favorite books on the subject, summarized.

I’m doing a few things I haven’t planted before: fennel (LOVE fennel bulb sliced in salads), cilantro, and collards.

Are you planting anything new?   Any of you planting a garden for the first time ever, using minimal space?   You will love it!