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Boycott Jif peanut butter

You probably don’t buy Jif brand peanut butter anyway, but what I saw at Costco today completely amazed me.   It’s a new low in deceptive advertising.   The boxes containing Jif Crunchy and Creamy Peanut Butter had this printed all over them:


Made with no partially hydrogenated oils!


So I was intrigued, since Jif is the lowest-common-denominator peanut butter that has always contained three lousy ingredients: refined salt, refined sugar, and hydrogenated fat.   I thought to myself, “How exciting! Jif got rid of the rapeseed oil!”


So I picked up the product and read the label.   It said, “Contains less than 2 percent fully hydrogenated oils (rapeseed).”


Unbelievable.   They’re bragging that they don’t have PARTIALLY hydrogenated fats, because they have FULLY hydrogenated fats!   I guess they’re hoping the moms who buy the peanut butter are dumb enough not to investigate fully.


Hydrogenated fats are when you heat the oil above 400 degrees and bombard it with extra hydrogen atoms.   It’s rancid and toxic and solid–both in the can and in your blood stream.   It’s an additive to peanut butter to keep the oil from separating–good for aesthetics and ease of use, terrible for nutrition.   A fake food that your body has no idea what to do with.   All your body can do is fight the free radicals clogging your bloodstream and damaging your cells–it can’t use that “food” for building, repair, or cleansing.


My suggestion: don’t buy Jif peanut butter.

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