beet cake, and pink smoothie, here I come

Ten and the Giant Beet

Look what I pulled out of my garden!    Tennyson is holding  a beet, the size of a cantaloupe, now washed, peeled, and cut into chunks in my freezer.   I love fall, when we can pull all the produce out of the garden and put it in jars (fermented) or in the freezer against the winter.   I hope if you’re not gardening this year, you get ready to do it next year (or plant now for a late fall/early spring overwintered crop).    It’s the #1 way to save money eating a plant-based diet.   And #2, of course, is owning a large freezer to stock up on garden and local, seasonal produce.

(See beet recipes in Ch. 5 of 12 Steps, plus the beet cake and pink smoothie recipes in your Jump-Start Basic recipe collection.)