BlendTec Warranty: my response, and BlendTec’s . . . part 2 of 2


From:         Blendtec

Date:           8/29/2008

Re:                   Blendtec Warranty Information

Blendtec home blender warranty FAQ’s


Question – Is there any restriction on the number of times a machine can be used during the warranty period?


Answer – NO. There is no cycle restriction on the home machine warranty. It can be used many times per day without any concern about going over a usage limit. Some may be confusing the warranty for a commercial machine with the home warranty, but they are two different things.


Question – How is Blendtec’s home warranty different from other manufacturers?


Answer – Comparing warranty coverage across different types of machines with different features and components is a little like trying to compare apples to oranges. But when compared to similar home machines which utilize current technologies, Blendtec has a standard three year warranty on the critical motor and electronic components, whereas other small appliance manufacturers only offer a 90 day or perhaps a one-year warranty for machines costing almost as much as a Blendtec.


Some don’t offer any warranty at all on the jar or drive shaft, which are key components in a blender’s function, but Blendtec offers a one-year warranty on the blender jar, and a lifetime warranty on the blade and drive socket. And if a jar should need to be replaced after the warranty period, Blendtec’s jar is less than half the cost of other high end machines. Some manufacturers don’t even offer replacement parts, so if a jar goes bad, the entire machine is a loss. Not so with Blendtec.

Blendtec makes the world’s strongest blenders and has had machines in constant use for decades. The return percentage for machines needing repair is among the lowest in the industry. Blendtec’s machines are Made in the USA using the highest quality components and materials. Blendtec is a continuous improvement company which means as new technology or production processes become available, Blendtec’s engineering department incorporates those changes into every product it sells.


Some companies which rely on outdated technology and don’t offer the state-of-the-art machines that Blendtec does may have longer warranties, but they don’t offer the value, power, and functions that a Blendtec machine has.  


When you’re talking about processing whole foods, raw fruits and vegetables, whole grains, or ice, just ask the important question “Will It Blend?”, and with a Blendtec blender the answer is “Yes, it blends!”