comments on BlendTec warranty, from me and BlendTec . . . part 1 of 2

I read some comments about BlendTec and VitaMix warranties on my blog when I returned from my long vacation. You can easily read the 7 reasons why I chose to promote the BlendTec Total Blender, instead of VitaMix (though I own both), here: Okay, it’s really 6 reasons, because the last one is pretty stupid. But I’m adding another one (as soon as my newly hired webmaster comes on), and that is how much easier it is to get stuff out of the bottom of the BlendTec canister! (I always wasted stuff using the VM, which is terribly narrow at the bottom where the blades are.)

If I wanted to, I could promote both companies on this site. I’m going to focus on the positives of the one I chose rather than the negatives of any other. I have a strong conviction about the integrity of BlendTec, a company headquartered here near my home. I know the employees all the way up to David Beck, the president, and worked with one of the authors of the “Will It Blend” campaign when we were both fresh out of college. These folks are phenomenal, on a perpetual quest to provide the best products in the world in the home appliance industry. When I send David an email with a question, I get a phone call from him within five minutes.

About the warranty, David Beck told me about a commercial shop he works with who says they burned out 20 VitaMix machines and only 2 BlendTec machines in the same time period. I believe it. Although I like my VitaMix (I have two of them, and owned them long before I found BlendTec), I have had to send mine in for repair a number of times. Not so my BlendTec machine. I like that the BlendTec automatic shutoff prevents the machine from burning up (I have burned up my VitaMix motor before, twice).

Dave says their experience is that if you are going to have a problem with your machine, it is right away, not three years after purchase. Comparing the length of the warranty on two different companies’ machines is somewhat pointless, since the machines are not equal. You need a long warranty if you’re not confident your purchase will last.

To address John’s confusion about limitations on the cycles within the warranty, which he recently posted, tomorrow I will post a memo BlendTec wrote me.