spinach and other personal items

I just drove my 11-year old daughter Libby and her teammate Tristan home from their soccer game in another city.   I started this really funny conversation with Tristan in an effort to end my daughter’s rant about how much she hates practicing the piano:


Me:   Tristan, do you take piano lessons?


Tristan:   Well, I used to.   But it cost $100 a month each, for my sister and me.   So my parents had to fire the teacher, because we didn’t have enough money for . . . um . . . food.   And clothes.   We were wearing all hand-me-downs.


Me (trying not to laugh, as Tristan’s mother is a top-ranking administrator at the university I teach at, and her father is a well paid professional):   Really!


Tristan:   Yeah.   My mom spends all her money on . . . spinach.   And other personal items.   She makes smoothies.


Me:   Really?   GREEN smoothies?


Tristan:   Yeah.


Me:   Did she learn about green smoothies from me?   (I don’t know Tristan’s mom well, as I deal only with her dad for carpool, nor have I noticed her in my 12 Steps subscriber list or at a nutrition class.   But GSG.com readers turn up in the funniest places.)


Tristan (anger in her voice):   Yeah!   And now she’s reading MORE books and learning MORE stuff!   And she never gives us sugar!   Except for, we get root beer on Pizza Night.   Which is only like once a YEAR!


Go Tristan’s mom!   I had to clap my hand over my mouth to keep from bursting out laughing!   Spinach a “personal item,” indeed.